Rotor Adventures offer a diverse selection of professionally guided trail riding experiences, within the United Kingdom and Europe

All abilities are catered for and no matter what you ride or your experience; we will tailor your package accordingly.

Your Rotor Adventure guides will make sure the trails and routes are based around your ability and more importantly, keep you as safe as possible.

You will experience some wonderful off-road riding, which can be designed to challenge even the most seasoned riders whilst, incorporating England’s finest countryside and spectacular coastline. Rotor Adventures are based in Dorset, one of the most beautiful and picturesque regions of southern England. Nestled near to the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site, there is a far-reaching off-road trail network, where you can travel hundreds of miles through the counties of Dorset, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall.

The diversity of the trail network coupled with location offers our customers an unforgettable and enjoyable experience.

At Rotor Adventures you can hire the all-new 2019 Yamaha off-road enduro range of motorcycles, with the fantastic WR250Fs & WR450Fs along with high-spec protective equipment from Alpinestars, Acerbis and Pro-Grip.

trail riding information

Who is trail riding for??

Trail riding is for anyone who holds a ‘full motorcycle license’ or a license relevant to the motorcycle they are riding

Am I able to do it?

Our Trail Riding Experience in England is purposely structured to include everyone and all abilities. When discussing your experience or booking, make it clear what you would like to achieve and which category you would feel most comfortable fitting into;

A beginner will have never ridden a motorcycle off-road before or has a very basic and limited knowledge with off-road motorcycles
An intermediate rider will have a basic off-road skills base, knowledge & ability. Rides off-road on an irregular basis or hasn’t ridden off-road for a lengthy period of time
An expert rider is competent and confident in off-road riding, rides on a regular basis on a variety of terrain and is physically conditioned to the sport
Rotor Adventures cater for everyone and your day will be tailored for your ability, confidence, aptitude to off-road riding and physical conditioning to the sport.

What do I get for my money?

Rotor Adventures Limited is a professional, qualified and experienced off-road motorcycle service company, providing our customers with tailored off-road adventure experiences in the UK, Europe and North Africa for over 20 years.

  • You will have access to qualified Auto Cycle Union (ACU) Off-Road Instructors
  • A combined 80 years of trail riding knowledge in southern England
  • Extensive knowledge of adventure riding and off-road endurance competition
  • Guided off-road trail riding
  • All guides are medically trained and DBS checked
  • Hire the latest Yamaha Off-Road Motorcycles & full protective clothing
  • Third party liability insurance
  • Fuel for your motorcycle during activity
  • Advice and expert knowledge throughout

What should I expect?

Your day will be based around a fun, exciting and a safe trail riding experience. Trail Riding is an immensely rewarding countryside activity, bringing adventure and exploration together with likeminded people.

You will be in a friendly and understanding environment, where you will be able to ride an off-road motorcycle through the beautiful countryside of southern England, following ancient trail networks.

You will have a professional guided service from the Rotor Adventures Team, with expert advice to assist you throughout your experience. During your off-road event, the Team will continually assess aptitude and progress, in order to ensure the correct level of trail riding is maintained for your ability.

You will need to concentrate for lengthy periods and ride an off-road motorcycle for 4-6hrs over the duration of a working day and expect to ride between 80-120 miles. The trail network is diverse and varied. Difficulty of trails will be dependent on an individual’s ability.

There will be as many short rest breaks as necessary with a 1hr lunch break

Do I need to Prepare?

The national off-road trail network is open to all users with or without any off-road motorcycle experience.

You may have a full motorcycle license or a license relating to your motorcycle but in reality, off-road motorcycling is a considerably differing discipline to riding on a surfaced road

Those that may have the opportunity, it is advisable to gain a basic off-road skills base, within a controlled environment and location where you can develop your ability, confidence and relevant techniques.

Any off-road development would substantially enhance your trail riding experience but is not essential

Can I use my own motorcycle & gear?

Yes. You can use your own motorcycle with your own gear and you don’t have to hire from Rotor Adventures.

Make sure your motorcycle and gear is in a good serviceable condition and road worthy.

Rotor adventures only use roads that the public are entitled to ride motorcycles on

Trail riding is lawful on green roads which are commonly known as unclassified county roads, or which are classified as Byway Open to All Traffic. Motorcycles and riders must be road-legal. Green roads are subject to the same laws as public roads and highways.

Keep to the defined green road

Avoid straying from the road, especially onto moorland or farmland – doing so may be a criminal offence and cause unwanted damage

Give plenty of space to walkers, horses and cyclists

As a courtesy, on narrow roads or green roads, stop and switch off engines when sharing the road with ridden or managed horses, be courteous to other road users – ramblers, cyclists, livestock, wildlife, farm machinery & motor vehicles.

travel at a speed which is safe and sustainable for the road surface

Ride at an unobtrusive speed, taking regard of conditions and visibility. Be prepared to stop at all times

Ride quietly and unobtrusively

Machines must be effectively silenced. Use the throttle with discretion, as noise does offend. Green roads are subject to the same laws as public roads and highways

Honour the countryside code

Respect the countryside and those who live, work and play in it. Green roads can be valuable habitats for wildlife, take especial care in spring and early summer. Fasten gates to safeguard stock, except those tied open for land management purposes.

Endeavour to be a good ambassador for motorcycling

Be courteous to other road users and respect their equal entitlement to use the road. Bear in mind the difficulties of others and try not to add to them. Acknowledge others with a friendly wave or other suitable gesture. Responsible trailriding is a form of quiet enjoyment of the countryside. Maintain the standard of a responsible trailrider, so as not to disturb the tranquillity of National Parks and peaceful areas of the countryside.