Rotor Adventures offer professionally guided trail riding experiences and multi-day trail tours in the UK, Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

Our trail riding events in the UK are generally based at a variety of locations across the southern counties of Dorset, Devon, Wiltshire & Hampshire.

Our events in Spain, Portugal and Morocco are long distance multi-day tours on both Enduro and Adventure motorcycles.

Trail Riding is available for Beginner to Advanced riders.

What is Trail Riding?

Trail riding in the UK is based on having access to legal rights of way for motorised vehicles, which have a number of descriptive terms but commonly known as Byways Open to All Traffic, Unclassified Roads, County Roads, Permissive Paths (with vehicle access), Green Roads, White Roads, Right of Way, Other Route with Public Access, Lane, Track or Trail.

Trail riding is a mixture of surfaced and unsurfaced roads, which form part of the UK Highway Network.


What do you need?

  • It is highly recommended you have some off-road experience
  • Have an appropriate motorcycle for the activity your are undertaking
  • A motorcycle license for the bike you are intending to ride or you can hire from Rotor Adventures if you have a full motorcycle license and are over the age of 25 years old
  • Understand the level of ability for the event you are intending to take part in
Rotor Adventures Trail Riding Information