Rotor Adventures Limited is the pioneering company for developing Off-Road Enduro Tours.

The spirit of a Rotor Adventures Enduro & Adventure Bike Tour is ultimately about fun, adventure & enjoyment, to maximise the off-road experience with a small group of likeminded riders, allowing you as the rider: the freedom, flexibility & adventure, an Enduro or Adventure Bike can offer.

Our Off-Road Motorcycle Tours are wide and varied. It is highly recommended to have some off-road experience in order to make your tour more enjoyable but we do cater for those with limited ability, to advanced level riders preparing for high-level international competition.

Our tours are focused in the UK, Spain and Portugal where our infrastructure is in place to assist and support participants. Participants can take part in 1-3 day tours in the UK, a variety of events from 3-5 day trail riding and training events in Northern Spain, Long Distance Tours from 5-7 days across Portugal and Spain plus specific Road Book / GPS training and tours ranging from 3-5 days in Northern Spain.



With Rotor Adventures in the United Kingdom, you can participate in a variety of tours aimed at all levels. You will be with an experienced off-road guide plus a support rider, both with a wealth of off-road riding ability & knowledge, who are purely there to maximise your trail riding experience



The International Enduro Tours are designed to provide a rider with challenging & spectacular off-road riding that you will be unable to experience in the United Kingdom. The Tours will be over multiple days, across diverse and changing terrain, where you will gain the sensation of riding an off-road motorcycle across dramatic topography, during an unforgettable experience.



Our Adventure Tours are for riders to experience the thrilling sensation and pleasure of riding an Adventure Bike Off-Road. You will be astounded at what the Adventure style bikes are truly capable of, when ridden on appropriate trails and routes.