Your off-road experience with Rotor Adventures is ultimately designed to be fun and enjoyable.

Our training events are based around a ‘multiple instructor’ model, so riders can be split into smaller ’ability based’ groups, to facilitate your requirements and build your confidence.

Courses focus on both the theory and the practical elements involved with off-road motorcycle riding, across diverse and custom-built training areas

Rotor Adventures utilise the latest Yamaha Off-Road motorcycle range with protective clothing for hiring purposes.

You are welcome to use your own motorcycle and equipment, as long as it is suitable for the relevant training course and in safe working condition

The Off-Road School covers 3 distinctive off-road motorcycle disciplines:

The Off-Road Experience

The complete off-road experience day with multiple ACU qualified coaches, to cover all abilities from beginners to experienced riders. Your experience will cover everything and more, developing rider potential alongside our experienced and friendly staff.



Enduro competition specific coaching & development for riders who would like to progress into competition or want to improve their current skill base, knowledge, speed and ultimately, results



Our Adventure riding courses are aimed at riders with previous motorcycle experience. We believe in rider progression, understanding and development, which is our basis for riding the larger adventure bikes off-road.