Frequently Asked Questions

About our Instructors & Guides

Rotor Adventures’ instructors and guides are all ACU Approved Enduro Coaches, first aid trained and DBS checked.

Their experience is primarily from competition in British, European and World Enduro but also World Cross Country, Trials and Extreme.

They form a unique training and guiding structure, which is centralised around the ability of the riders rather than mixing riding levels.

Can I ride with no experience?

Yes – we cater for non-riders on our Off-Road Experience Days

Do I need a motorcycle license?

Yes & No – You do not require a motorcycle license for our Off-Road Experience or Training Days but you need a license to go Trail Riding 

Should I ride my bike to the event?

It is not recommended to ride a motorcycle to the event. The day can be tiring, damage to your motorcycle, plus a small injury can affect riding much more than driving

Are there any restrictions with hiring?

Yes & No – there are no restrictions for our Off-Road Experience Days but you need to be over 25 with a full motorcycle license to go Trail Riding 

Can I use my own bike?

Yes – you are welcome to bring your own bike and riding equipment

Do I need to sign anything?

Yes – a Rotor Adventures indemnity form

What time does it start and finish?

Arrive for 9.00am and the days will finish at 3.30pm

What do I need to bring with me?

Hot drinks are provided but you will need cold drinks, snacks and your lunch

We do not provide medical cover or protection insurance but our indemnity cover is £5,000,000.00 per claim
When hiring, your road insurance is 3rd party only
Are there any hidden charges?

No – everything is included in the price of the event you have booked

Do you provide all riding gear?

Yes – CE marked helmet, knee protection, full upper body armour, off-road boots, gloves, eye protection, riding clothing

Do I need anything else?

Yes – please wear a full length, thin base layer underneath your hire gear 

Any height or weight restrictions?

There are no weight restrictions but it is recommended to be physically fit and a minimum 5ft 4in to ride the Yamaha WR250F and 4ft 10in for the Yamaha TTR125

Can I bring friends, family or pets to the event?
It is not practical to bring other people or spectators to the event due to the remoteness of the activity and safety issues. There is plenty to do in the local area.
Do not bring pets to the event