With Rotor Adventures in the United Kingdom, you can participate in a variety of tours aimed at all levels.

You will be with an experienced off-road guide plus a support rider, both with a wealth of off-road riding ability & knowledge, who are purely there to maximise your trail riding experience

We organise our UK Enduro Tours utilising the off-road trail network, which forms part of the primary road system and follows the same legal requirements as riding on the road. You will need a motorcycle license relevant to the motorcycle you are riding.

Our Trail Tours are developed to suit the rider and group’s ability, incorporating single to multi-day tours across the south of England over long distances and challenging terrain. 



This trail ride experience is aimed at riders with limited or no off-road experience and is considered as an introduction for those interested in experiencing the fun associated with Off-Road Trail Riding.

You will be in the capable hands of our ACU qualified instructors, who will take you through a basic off-road skills training programme. This will give you the initial confidence & techniques required to ride a motorcycle off-road & will be specific to the potential scenarios you may experience on the trails.

After your lunch & trail briefing, you will head out on the local trails with an experienced guide + support rider, putting your practical skills to the test for the rest of the day.

You can hire one of the latest Yamaha WR250-F Enduro bikes for the day, complete with CE marked protective clothing, fuel & insurance or you are welcome to use your own bike & gear.



Our 1-Day Trail Rides are located across the whole southern region of England, stretching from Cornwall in the West to Surrey in the East & as far north as Oxfordshire.

The south of England incorporates a huge off-road trail network, crossing diverse ground conditions & technical terrain through stunning countryside & scenery.

Rotor Adventures utilise multiple start/finish points, offering our riders maximum flexibility, variety and challenges.

You will be able to choose the area & terrain you would prefer to ride with like-minded and similar ability riders.

You will meet the Rotor Adventures guide + support rider who will take your through a short safety briefing, an overview of the route and where appropriate, get you acquainted with your hire bike & equipment.

Your guide & support rider will be navigating throughout, keeping the riders together and generally managing your Trail Ride, to maximise your personal enjoyment & experience.

You can hire one of the latest Yamaha WR250-F Enduro bikes for the day, complete with CE marked protective clothing, fuel & insurance or you are welcome to use your own bike & gear.



Rotor Adventures offer Multi-Day Long Enduro Tours, which are designed to cover long distances over varied terrain.

The Multi-Day Tours are based across Southern England & are aimed at competent off-road riders who have the confidence, capability & understanding to ride a variety of challenging routes day after day.

These tours range from 2-4 days, where you are likely to be staying in a different location every evening.

You will be riding light as with any local trail ride, with Rotor Adventures providing a service vehicle to carry your overnight gear & spares plus an adequate mobile workshop for any repairs. Our service vehicle will be on hand throughout, in the event a breakdown recovery is necessary.

As with all our Trail Ride Tours, you will be with an experienced guide + a support rider who will manage the route, safety and any issues that may occur.

You can hire one of the latest Yamaha WR250-F Enduro bikes for multi-day tours, complete with CE marked protective clothing, fuel & insurance. When hiring, the Rotor Adventures team will look after your bike mechanically throughout and if any issues arise, it will be taken care off, to a point there is always a spare bike on hand to replace if necessary.

Riders are welcome to use their own bike & gear.

Long Enduro Tours are rewarding & challenging plus fantastic grounding to progress to our International Enduro Tours in Spain, Portugal & Italy.