Our Off-Road Adventure Courses are aimed at riders with previous motorcycle experience

It is an ideal way to either have an introduction to riding an adventure bike off-road or develop the advanced skills and knowledge you will need to undertake that big bike adventure tour.

The courses are specific and designed to build rider confidence when managing a larger motorcycle off-road and gaining suitable foundations to development a competent skill base for any scenario.

Check through each course requirements to ensure you are choosing the correct ability level and the rider has everything required for the course criteria

Rotor Adventures utilise the latest Yamaha Tenere T700 Adventure motorcycle with protective riding gear for hiring purposes.

Your instructors will be Auto Cycle Union (ACU) qualified off-road coaches with an expanse of experience to assist you.

You are welcome to use your own motorcycle and equipment. Please make sure it is in safe working condition and relevant to the course you are choosing to attend.



The introduction course is an ideal starting point to discover the fun and enjoyment of riding an adventure bike off-road or to refresh your key skills if returning from a break in riding an adventure bike

You will be taken through a step-by-step programme, that will involve some basic theory on riding an adventure bike off-road, wearing adequate protective gear & why, followed by progressive practical skills


  • 1-day course
  • Motorcycle experience required (you do not need off-road experience)
  • How an adventure bike operates off-road
  • Protective clothing & why?
  • The motorcycle, primary controls & electronics
  • Recovering a fallen bike
  • Managing an adventure bike in difficult terrain
  • Establish techniques and the effects on the motorcycle
  • Clutch & throttle control
  • Vision, route choice and selection
  • Developing initial skills & methods
  • Body position
  • Accelerating & decelerating
  • Braking control
  • Weight distribution & cornering
  • Introduction to the Development Course


Our Development Course is designed to progress the rider’s skill level, knowledge and understanding when riding an adventure bike off-road.

After a good warm-up and basic refresher, you will reacquaint yourself with riding an adventure bike off-road.

Your instructors will then start working through the Development Course step-by-step and introducing bike control exercises before moving on to more advanced techniques and terrain

Your day will finish with a short guided trail ride in the local area to practice all the skills and techniques you have been taught and put your new knowledge and understanding into real adventure riding scenarios.

*When hiring from our fleet of adventure bikes, you will need a full motorcycle license and be over 25 years old. If under 25 years old, as an addition, you will have to provide your own insurance for our motorcycles

  • 1-day course
  • Off-Road motorcycle experience required
  • Off-Road warm-up & basic off-road refresher
  • Advance clutch & throttle control
  • Slow motorcycle control & management
  • Body position & weight distribution
  • Advanced braking techniques
  • Cornering
  • Descent control & climbs
  • Vision, route choice & selection
  • Obstacles & techniques
  • Difficult terrain solutions
  • Introduction to ruts
  • Guided trail ride


The Adventure Course is our most advanced coaching and progression course. It is aimed at riders with good off-road experience, understanding and confidence.

The course is designed to challenge riders with advanced techniques over challenging and difficult terrain. The objective is to give you the skills, experience, confidence and advice to use on your own Adventure Tours, anywhere in the world

Your instructors and guides will be on-hand to assist with everything you need to develop your technical skills and ability when riding an adventure bike off-road.

After a brief refresher and warmup, you will progress your own development pathway as a look-forward to achieving new challenges this 2-day course provides.

The coaching will be specific to your personal requirement, enhancing the areas you and the instructor feel would be of most benefit.

There will be advanced techniques before getting out on the trails after lunch and start heading to the accommodation. After an overnight stay in Dorset you will have a full long day on the trails to practice all skills and understanding.

*When hiring from our fleet of adventure bikes, you will need a full motorcycle license and be over 25 years old. If under 25 years old, as an addition, you will have to provide your own insurance for our motorcycles

  • 2-day course
  • Advanced terrain skills
  • Riding ruts
  • Changing ruts
  • Vision, route choice and selection
  • Advanced braking & accelerating
  • Challenging terrain
  • Advanced control techniques
  • Introduction to tools, spares and navigation
  • Guided trail riding


Rotor Adventures offer one-to-one & tailored coaching for all levels of Adventure Rider.

Tailored courses will be based around your exact requirements from general riding to developing a skills or knowledge base to undertake your own riding experience.

If you would like your group to have our coaches and facilities to yourself, then we can tailor a full coaching and training experience, suitable for your needs.