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At Rotor Adventures we provide the coaching, development and knowledge base needed to assist you in undertaking your own journey on your chosen motorcycle.

Rotor Adventures Limited is the pioneering company for developing off-road Enduro Tours

The spirit of a Rotor Adventures Enduro Tour is to maximise the off-road experience with a small group of likeminded riders, allowing you as the rider, the freedom, flexibility & adventure, an enduro bike can offer.

The Enduro Tours are designed to provide a rider with challenging terrain and trails over multiple days, where a typical ‘adventure style bike’ just can’t get to, have the feeling of being able to cover good distance and still experiencing that full-on adventure when heading to a different location and on a variety of trails every day.

The Rotor Adventure guide will lead and navigate the routes with a support guide ensuring the riders are safe, maintaining good progress and ultimately heading in the right direction.

A rider is able to ride-light when on the trails, as the Rotor Adventures support team will be carrying your main equipment & spares, while being in constant contact with your guides to ensure safety and maintain close communication in the event they are needed.

You will meet up with the support team as often as possible and they will manage all the administration needed on a daily basis.

Rotor Adventures offer 2-3 day enduro tours in the United Kingdom, 5-day tours in Northern Spain and 7-9 day tours from northern Spain to southwest Portugal.

If there is a trip you want planned, arranged or supported, then just let us know and we will look at what we can offer.


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