The International Enduro Tours are designed to provide a rider with challenging & spectacular off-road riding that you will be unable to experience in the United Kingdom.

The Tours will be over multiple days, across diverse and changing terrain, where you will gain the sensation of riding an off-road motorcycle across dramatic topography, during an unforgettable experience.

The Tours are designed & orchestrated for maximum off-road capacity on a daily basis with minimal road riding thus, aimed at riders who are self-sufficient with substantial off-road knowledge, experience & confidence.

The attraction is not solely the potential of improved weather conditions, the amazing off-road single track riding, off-piste routes, the shear off-road variety on offer but also experiencing the culture in the most remote areas in our chosen European countries.

You will be involved closely with the Rotor Adventures Team throughout, consisting of highly experienced guides & support members, both from the United Kingdom & the local overseas regions. We have spent substantial time ensuring our international colleagues have the appropriate level of competencies & customer skills, to encourage & maintain the Rotor Adventures ethos and operating policies, whilst providing an environment to maximise the fun, enjoyment and all-round experience.

Rotor Adventures organise & manage a variety of International Enduro Tours, primarily operating in Spain, Portugal & Italy. You can choose from a centrally based Enduro Tour where you will return to the same location every evening, or a more adventure focussed Enduro Tour where you will depart from your arrival airport and travel over 1,000 miles, crossing country borders, a huge variety of terrain and remote mountainous regions.

A rider is able to ride-light when on the trails, as the Rotor Adventures support team will be carrying your main equipment & spares, while being in constant contact with your guides to ensure safety and maintain close communication in the event they are needed.

You will meet up with the support team as often as possible and they will manage all the administration needed throughout your

Our Tours range from 3 day events in Northern Spain, North West Italy and Southern Portugal to our Long Enduro Tour over 1,200 miles off-road from South West Portugal to North East Spain.



Rotor Adventures have developed a great relationship with their Enduro colleagues in Spain, Portugal and Italy. This has advanced to developing centralised locations where riders can enjoy what a local region can offer.

Each area has a specific attraction to off-road riding, offering a varied terrain and culture. This provides our customers with variety, whilst maintained continuity with the Rotor Adventures Team.

Some areas can be seasonal due to either snowfall in the depths of winter to extreme heat and dust in high summer.


Duration: 7 days

These Tours are planned from late September through to early December and consist of 1,200 miles off-road from the Lighthouse of Cabo de Sao Vicente in SW Portugal to Bilbao in Northern Spain. Your small group of riders will be led by a Rotor Adventures guide along with a support rider and a service vehicle, which will be carrying your overnight gear, motorcycle spares & essentials.

Your gear and bikes will be transported from the UK to Southern Portugal and after arriving into Faro Airport, you will meet with the Rotor Adventures Team and start final preparations to depart on The Long Enduro Tour.

A few hours riding the following day will take you to the Lighthouse of Cabo de Sao Vicente before heading north from the Algarve towards Lisbon, where you will experience huge eucolyptus plantations, thousands of hectares of cork trees and sand based trails.

The group will cross Portugal and follow the Spanish border north for 3 days paralleling the gorges of the Douro River, before crossing into Spain at Miranda Do Douro. You will ride east across the Spanish agriculture plains and then north east towards the foothills of the Picos Mountains and Santander. The final 2 days will be over the mountainous region west of Bilbao where you will ride peaks of 12,000ft before dropping into the city of Bilbao itself.

On completion, Rotor Adventures will collect your bike and gear before returning to the UK and drop if off at your door.

You will meet with the service vehicle every evening at the accommodation, which is planned on a daily basis by the lead guide, once the progress of the group that day can be gauged.

This is an ‘adventure’ style tour, where a rider needs to be comfortable with their own ability and have good mindful flexibility to deal with any eventuality the group will encounter along the way.

It is just a fantastic off-road experience on some of the best riding to be had in western Europe.



Rotor Adventures have developed a great working relationship in the Castillo de Leon region where we have been able to arrange Enduro Tours along with Enduro development training and Hard Enduro training for riders looking to enjoy the excellent network of trails, personal development for international events or to find an exclusive all-year region to train for enduro competition. We have purposely developed a special test area for enduro training and endurocross track for the more competent rider.

Our Enduro Tours in this region are very special with the close proximity of the Cantabria Mountain offering everything from gentle trails to Hard Enduro trails. Only 2 days off-road riding to the Portuguese border, Santander lies 50 miles to the north and Bilbao 60 miles to the east.

Rotor Adventures will transport your bike, riding gear and spares to & from Spain, arrange airport collection and drop-off to Bilbao, half-board accommodation plus excellent guiding, training and support team to suit your ability and requirements.



Located near to Faro Airport the Rotor Adventure’s base maximises the off-riding potential from a centralised location. The terrain offers riding for all abilities over fantastic landscape from rocky trails to sand-based coastal paths.

The climatic conditions doesn’t offer a year-round riding option with the primary summer months restricted for off-road riding from June through to September. What it does offer is a winter riding haven where you can ride the local technical coastal paths, sand beaches and stunning sand dunes.

For those after something a little more challenging, we can head to the Monchique Mountains for technical off-piste tracks along with technical ascents and descents.

Rotor Adventures will transport your bike, riding gear and spares to & from Portugal, arrange your airport collection and drop-off at Faro, Airport plus your accommodation.

The Algarve and surrounding region offers fantastic off-road riding with some of the most pleasant riding conditions in Western Europe

You certainly won’t be disappointed