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At Rotor Adventures we provide tuition and coaching to suit your ability and develop your confidence in riding a motorcycle off-road at all levels.

Our courses are developed into key stages of rider development for those new to off-road riding and customers who require advanced or specific coaching.

All instructors are qualified Auto Cycle Union (ACU) Off-Road Coaches, insured to carry out coaching and tuition, medically trained and DBS Checked.

coaching & courses

Your off-road experience with Rotor Adventures is designed to be fun and enjoyable from start to finish.

The courses are developed to cater for all abilities, from new off-road riders to those potentially with a more advanced off-road capability.  The focus will be on the primary elements & techniques involved with off-road motorcycle riding across the diverse training areas we use.

Your instructors are on-hand to improve your confidence with riding off-road and will take you through the key stages as you ability progresses. They will continually explain, demonstrate & allow you the freedom to learn and develop.

stage 1

Basic off-road skills and necessary methods to give our customers more confidence in riding off-road


  • Clutch control
  • Throttle delivery and braking
  • Riding position
  • Traction management and control
  • Ascending and descending
  • Corners
  • Managing a variety of terrain and ground conditions
  • Confidence exercises

stage 2

A rider would already have a form of basic off-road riding ability and require developing further


  • Progressive confidence riding
  • Developing vision and understanding of your route and track
  • Steep ascents and dissents
  • Traversing
  • Riding ruts
  • Drops and steps
  • Riding obstacles

stage 3

A rider will have a sound knowledge regarding off-road riding on a variety of motorcycles


  • Bike set-up and development
  • Speed training
  • Aggressive braking control
  • Competition introduction
  • Technical riding development
  • Rider conditioning and management
  • Care of your motorcycle

stage 4

A rider will have a competent ability in riding enduro or larger off-road motorcycles


  • Confidence in riding a larger motorcycle off-road
  • Throttle delivery and control
  • Braking skills including ABS
  • Bike set-up and management systems
  • Terrain changes
  • Route selection and management
  • Ascending and descending
  • Tight position control
  • Confidence drills


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