Our Adventure Tours are for riders to experience the thrilling sensation and pleasure of riding an Adventure Bike Off-Road. You will be astounded at what the Adventure style bikes are truly capable of, when ridden on appropriate trails and routes.

The Rotor Adventures, Big Bike Tours is all about maximising the enjoyment and satisfaction you will get with an organised, single or multi-day off-road tour. In the United Kingdom we utilise the off-road trail network across the southern counties of England, maximising the time and distance spent off-road, which will incorporate fantastic country link roads.

Spain and Portugal are our chosen overseas destinations for our international Adventure Tours. You will literally be able to ‘fly and ride’ as Rotor Adventures transport bikes, gear and spares, before you meet with your guides, who will take you from start to finish. Riding an Adventure Bike off-road through the varied terrain and seeing first-hand the cultures of Western Europe, is a truly exciting experience.

The Rotor Adventures, Big Bike Tours have been developed to offer a fulfilling challenge and will be suitable for your experience and ability.



The Adventure Tours are aimed at riders who already have off-road motorcycle experience

Our 1-Day Adventure Tours take place in Dorset, Devon and Wiltshire, on the south coast of England.

We offer 3 options for our customers, to provide a variation to routes and where they have the opportunity to develop their riding skills over a series of 1-Day Tours.

Our Foundation Tour starts and finishes at our Off-Road School near to the county town of Dorchester and aimed at riders who have previous off-road experience. There is plenty of off-road trails and wonderful country roads through the spectacular coastal countryside of West Dorset towards the Devon country border.

You will have a superb lunch at The New Inn, in the stunning village of Cerne Abbas before crossing the Frome Valley, paralleling the Somerset border, before heading south towards the Jurassic Coast.

Our experienced and knowledgeable guides are there to navigate you through your day and take care of all your needs with some general local information and technique advice when necessary.

Transition Tours are aimed at riders who have some experience and competency in riding a larger or Adventure Bike off-road. The Tours start and finish at Crescent Motorcycles in Verwood, Dorset and will offer longer off-road tours, taking in the trails, byways and droves of East Dorset and Wiltshire.

This 1-Day Tour will be challenging and cover a variety of terrain with extensive off-road sections. This area of Southern England offers Rotor Adventures multiple routes of varying difficulty, to suit the experience and ability of our customers, whilst allowing participants to return on a regular basis and enjoy a different route every time.

Be prepared to cover a long distance off-road and to be riding an Adventure Bike for up to 6 hours.

Lunch will be light and our experienced guides will continually manage the route, dependent on the rider’s ability and progress.

The Advanced Tours offer experienced off-road Adventure Bike riders a challenging and exciting day out on the off-road trails across Devon. The terrain is spectacular with multiple single tracks throughout demanding undulating countryside.

This tour is designed for skilled and experienced adventure bike riders only, as it will at times, incorporate difficult and unforgiving off-road riding.

Your Rotor Adventures Guides will be on-hand to assist where they can but although this tour is on the advanced and challenging side, the reward of riding in such terrain in one of the most stunning areas of the United Kingdom is second to none.



Rotor Adventures offer Multi-Day Adventure Tours, which are designed to cover long distances over varied terrain.

The Multi-Day Tours are based across Southern England & are aimed at competent off-road riders who have the confidence, capability & understanding to ride a variety of routes for 2-4 days.

These tours range from 2-4 days, where you are likely to be staying in a different location every evening.

You will be riding light as with any local trail ride, with Rotor Adventures providing a service vehicle to carry your overnight gear & spares plus an adequate mobile workshop for any repairs. Our service vehicle will be on hand throughout, in the event a breakdown recovery is necessary.

As with all our Adventure Tours, you will be with an experienced guide + a support rider who will manage the route, safety and any issues that may occur.

Riders are always welcome to use their own bike & gear and just check our Booking calendar to see when the next tours are available

Multi-Day Tours are rewarding, challenging and ultimately enjoyable. It is a fantastic experience and offers excellent skills grounding and progression for those wanting to develop to take on their own adventure or to take part in the Rotor Adventures International Tours.



Our International Adventure Tours are designed to provide a rider with challenging & spectacular off-road riding, that you will be unable to experience in the United Kingdom. The Tours will be over a minimum of 4 days, crossing borders, mountainous trails and challenging terrain. You will gain the sensation of riding an Adventure Bike across dramatic topography, while encountering the varied cultures the western countries of Spain and Portugal offer.

The Tours have been developed to offer our customers maximum off-road experience to add to the adventure. It is aimed at riders will competent off-road skills, knowledge, experience & confidence.

The attraction is not solely the potential of improved weather conditions, the amazing off-road riding, long-distance trails and the shear off-road variety on offer but also experiencing the culture in the most remote areas of Western Europe.

You will be involved closely with the Rotor Adventures Team throughout, consisting of highly experienced guides & support team, both from the United Kingdom & our international colleagues, where we are all motivated to provide an environment of maximum fun, enjoyment and all-round experience.

Rotor Adventures organise & manage a variety of International Adventure Tours, primarily operating in Northern Spain and Southern Portugal. Our Adventures Tours very rarely return to the same place and are designed to cover a route where every day is different, from terrain and cultures to accommodation and maintain that true Adventure experience.

A rider is able to ride-light when on the trails, as the Rotor Adventures support team will be carrying your main equipment & spares, while being in constant contact with your guides to ensure safety and maintain close communication in the event they are needed.

You will meet up with the support team as often as possible and at a minimum every evening and they will manage all the administration needed throughout your Adventure Tour.

Our Adventure Tours range from 4 days taking in Northern Spain or the southern areas of Portugal to our longest Adventure Tours of 7 days, from the most southwest point of Portugal to northeast Spain, covering 1,200 miles off-road.

Riding an Adventure bike in these wonderful areas of Western Europe is honestly a spectacular and breathtaking experience and can get some motorcycle emotions flowing.