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Rotor Adventures offer a diverse selection of professionally guided trail riding experiences in Europe. All abilities are catered for and no matter what you ride or your experience; we will tailor your package accordingly.

who is a european tour for?

Trail riding is for anyone who holds a ‘full motorcycle license’.

Our Trail Riding European Experience is tailored to suit the more experienced rider, looking to challenge their off-road ability, whilst experiencing the adventure and freedom, which can be experienced in certain parts of Europe.

The Rotor Adventures European Experience arranges structured off-road trail riding in the French Alpine Region during the months of May – September and in Portugal from October to April, where the wonderful terrain and climatic conditions have their maximum impact.

am I able to do it?

When discussing your experience or booking, make it clear what you would like to achieve and which category you would feel most comfortable fitting into;

  • An intermediate rider will have a sound basic off-road skills base, knowledge & ability. You will need to have the capability to ride potentially challenging terrain for 4-6hrs over the duration of a working day
  • An expert rider is competent and confident in off-road riding, rides on a regular basis on a variety of terrain and is physically conditioned to the sport

Rotor Adventures European Experience is structured over a period of 2 and 4 day packages

what do I get for my money?

Rotor Adventures Limited is a professional, qualified and experienced off-road motorcycle service company, providing our customers with tailored off-road adventure experiences in the UK, Europe and North Africa for over 20 years.

  • You will have access to qualified Auto Cycle Union (ACU) Off-Road Instructors
  • Key and experienced Rotor Adventures personnel to guide you throughout, whilst incorporating local knowledge
  • Extensive knowledge of adventure riding and off-road endurance competition
  • All guides are medically trained and DBS checked
  • Hire of modern, insured, off-road motorcycles and full protective equipment
  • Third party liability insurance
  • Accommodation can be arranged
  • Transport and Shipping of own motorcycle and gear can be arranged
  • Food and refreshments during activity
  • Fuel for your motorcycle during activity
  • Advice and expert knowledge throughout
  • Discounts for multiple package purchases

what should I expect?

Your European Experience will be over a 2 to 4 day period, based around a sociable, fun, challenging and a safe trail riding experience.

You will be in a friendly and dedicated environment with the experience of Rotor Adventures and their staff, along with local guides and their extensive knowledge.

You will have a professional guided service from the Rotor Adventures Team, with expert advice to assist you throughout your experience.

You will need to concentrate for lengthy periods and ride an off-road motorcycle for 4-6hrs, over the duration of a working day and expect to cover between 60-100 miles. You will be expected to ride technical and challenging terrain.

You will experience the freedom certain countries and regions of Europe offer to off-road motorcycling, where you can ride in a wide and varied terrain from the stunning beaches and mountains of Portugal to the high exposed alpine region of France.

do I need to prepare for the european experience?

The European Experience offers a different aspect to off-road trail riding, which you cannot experience in the UK. The French Alpine Region provides high mountain riding through what would be ski areas in the winter, whilst Portugal has a relaxed attitude to land use and provides an extensive riding network opportunity, from sea to mountains.

To take part in the Rotor Adventures European Experience, you will need to be an intermediate or expert trail rider, with a sound knowledge regarding basic off-road motorcycle skills and techniques.

For those that may have the opportunity, it is ideal to ensure your fitness levels are at an adequate level to ride off-road for 2 days, refresh your riding techniques and if using your own motorcycle and gear, make sure everything is in a sound working condition.

can I use my own motorcycle & gear?

Yes. You can use your own motorcycle with your own gear and you don’t have to hire from Rotor Adventures. We will transport your motorcycle to and from either the French Alpine Region or Portugal if required.

Make sure your motorcycle and gear is in a good serviceable condition and road worthy.



Booking Now for 2019 Enduro Tours


Trail Ride Northern Spain: start & finish in Bilbao

Dates: 14th March - 18th March  &  20th - 24th March 2019

Tour: This is a technical trail riding tour for experienced & competent off-road riders, looking to challenge their abilities across the diverse & technical trails northern Spain has to offer. Expect to be riding off-road for up to 6hrs per day and travel to a different destination every evening. You will be able to 'ride light' as the Rotor Adventures support vehicle will carry your gear & equipment.

You will be looked after by the Rotor Adventures team from initial planning to being guided throughout the tour. Stan Watt will be the lead guide with a support rider ensuring we are all staying together

Travel: British Airways direct from London Heathrow to Bilbao (currently rtn. flights £70.00)

Group size:  6

Costs: £850.00 per person to include: door-to-door bike & gear collection + return - support vehicle - 2 guides

Budget: flight + €100 per day for fuel, food + B&B style accommodation

Hire Bikes: Hire bikes are available. Please contact to discuss

Follow the 2019 Isle of Man TT Road Races 

Dates: 24th May '19 - 9th June '19

Tour: Fly & ride at the 2019 Isle of Man TT Road Races. Rotor Adventures will be on the island for both practice and race week, providing guided trail rides while the event is taking place. Get to watch your road racing heros from places where spectators can't normally get to. Experience the excellent trail riding the Isle of Man has to offer, whilst you lap up the entertainment and hugely social event.

Off-road bikes and full protective equipment will be available to hire for a minimum of two days. Stan Watt & his team will accommodate and guide you round the Isle of Man to include the Douglas & Ramsey Beach Races plus the infamous Isle of Man Enduro Competition, not to mention the main event: Isle of Man TT Road Races

Travel: You will need to organise your flight to & from the Isle of Man & a quick taxi to our base.

Group Size: 6 per day

Costs: £300.00 per day (min. 2 day hire) to include - bike hire, protective equipment, fuel, insurances, accommodation.

 1,100 miles off-road enduro tour from NE Spain to SW Portugal

Dates: 10th October - 18th October 2019

Tour: This is an 'enduro tour' for enduro style & sized motorcycles - based on diverse & spectacular trails, you will depart from Bilbao & ride across the mountains of NE Spain, forestry, agricultural plains, the gorges along the Douro River & Spanish border + huge eucalyptus plantations before crossing to the Atlantic coast & the final coastal rides to Sagres, the most southern point of Portugal.

Rotor adventures were first to successfully plan & complete a dedicated off-road enduro tour from Bilbao to Sagres. this is an amazing adventure & experience, where you should expect to ride off-road for up to 7hrs per day, everyday until you reach Sagres. You will encounter the friendly cultures of both Spain and Portugal along with amazing places to stay throughout your journey.

You will be able to ride light as our support vehicle carries your gear & there will always be a support rider to bring up the rear of the group

Stan Watt & his team will look after you all the way from initial planning, advice, to navigating & guiding you from start to finish. We will collect your bike, gear + equipment and return to you when we arrive back in the UK

Travel: You will need to arrive in Bilbao the morning of 10th October '19. Flights via Madrid or foot passenger on the 24hr ferry from Portsmouth to Bilbao & travel with the Rotor Adventures team. You will then need to arrange your return travel from Faro in southern Portugal (multiple daily flights to numerous destinations)

Costs: £1,580.00 per person to include: door-to-door bike/gear collection & return - route planning & administration - support vehicle - guiding + support rider

Group Size: 5

Additional Budget: travel + €100.00 per day for fuel, food & B&B style accommodation

Hire Bikes: hire bikes are available, please contact to discuss


Follow the 2019 International Six Day Enduro 

Dates: 21st October '19 - 26th October '19

Tour: Fly & ride at the 2019 International Six Day Enduo at the the prestigious Autodromo do Algarve, Portimao. The ultimate test of both enduro riders & machines will take place in southern Portugal at the end of October 2019. The event will be based at the Portimao motor racing circuit, surrounded by an amazing off-road paradise, from the mountains of Monchique in the north to the Atlantic beaches in the south and west.

You will be able to fly into the Portuguese destination of Faro and within 1hr be riding on the fantastic trail in the region.

Rotor Adventures will provide everything you need from hire off-road motorcycles to full protective equipment & guide you around this off-road spectacle as 35 nations (over 600 riders) go head-to-head at enduro competition for a full 6 days.

Travel: You will need to arrange your flights to & from Faro plus your transit to our base near Portimao.

Costs: £300.00 per day (min. 2 days hire) to include: bike hire, full protective clothing, fuel, accommodation & trail guides

Group size: max 6

Additional Budget: food & drinks are inexpensive in Portugal. Budget for €70 per day

to book

call +44 (0) 7758 130 280

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